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RideMantra FOR WORK - Here’s how Ridemantra can change how employees commute
Commuting for work is tough. Not just for the employees but for your company too.
RideMantra aims to help fix these issues and ease commutes, bring in better productivity and also ensure a great work-life balance for employees. And more importantly, saves money for the company,
Here’s how RideMantra helps the employee and the company:
For the Employee:
  • On demand ride-share platform
  • Available everywhere thru any shareable means of transport – private car, cabs, rickshaws, bikes etc.
  • Works for both intra-city and inter-city travel
  • Technology driven – web & App based system
  • Simple one-step on-boarding process for all corporate users using their official email id for verification
  • Otherwise, thorough on-boarding checklist (optional) to reflect verification level to other riders
  • Share rides with your own colleagues who you are more comfortable with
  • No Service Fee. Users to decide how do they want to share ride costs.
  • Security alerts to third persons
  • FREE accidental insurance (Group Personal Accident Policy) cover for a limited period on each ride for all verified users*
If you want these benefits, make sure you get your employer or management to get listed.
For the Corporate:
  • No integration required with corporate Intranet etc.
  • Potential to halve or even reduce costs to 1/3rd when used for employees currently commuting separately to the same location at the same time
  • Automatic maximum verification status to all your employees – which means eligible for more matches and also the accidental insurance cover*
  • Admin MIS available, on request, to monitor ride details, costs etc. for reimbursements
  • A happier, more productive work force that helps grow top-line and improve bottom-line
Want to list your company on ridemantra? Connect with us and our representative will get in touch with you.