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RideMantra FAQs
What is RideMantra?
RideMantra is a peer-to-peer people connect platform that helps you find & share rides with other users on the same route as you. You can provide, seek and share rides with others anytime, anywhere. You don’t need to plan your travels, book expensive cabs, or fund your online wallets. Just enter your route, find a companion, hop-on and hop-off.
Moreover, it is cost-effective, environment friendly and an efficient way to commute.
How does it work?
RideMantra works through a website as well as App. Personally, we recommend using the App which gives you the benefit of GPS to find fellow riders.
Once you have signed up, simply open the App (or login on the website) & enter your travel plans. RideMantra will display the suitable ride matches in a friendly map and chat view. Choose your best match, chat with them and share the ride.
Who can use RideMantra?
Anyone with a legitimate email address and mobile number can join RideMantra. Those willing to share their vehicle must additionally have a valid driving license and the vehicle documents. However, RideMantra users need to be at least 18 years of age to use the service.
Who cannot use RideMantra?
Fake profiles created with intent to defraud the system are filtered out and disabled. We follow a stringent on-boarding process to weed out unwanted users.
Also, users who consistently receive poor ratings/reviews would be blocked from using RideMantra.
What can I do with RideMantra?
RideMantra works best for your unplanned or planned daily commutes. It saves you from the over-crowded public transport, fare refusals by moody cabbies, overpriced taxies and dreadful surge-pricing (by splitting costs).
There is always someone who is riding at the same time and in the same direction as you are. RideMantra helps you find that person in an easy, on the go manner. And yes, it needn’t be just a car pool – it could be a cab, rickshaw and even a bike pool, as long as there is space available.
The interesting part is that it works in two ways. You too could use your ‘shared-space’ to offer rides to fellow commuters. It kills the boredom and also helps cut your commute costs significantly.
Moreover, you can also use RideMantra for your inter-city rides with work colleagues and other RideMantra members on your route.
How do I save money by using RideMantra?
It’s simple –when you split, you save. Fuel, tolls, parking, driver salary, cab and rickshaw fare. You save whether you provide, seek or share the ride on RideMantra.
To illustrate:
You Use You currently pay You save
Rickshaw to and fro to the station Rs.100 a day, Rs.2000 a month Split with one more person and save Rs.1000 a month
App-based cab for your meeting downtown Rs.300 each way Two-way split and you get one ride free without using any coupon code
Driving to multiple client meetings Rs.1000 a day for 40 kms plus parking 50% if you share your mode with just one additional person. Plus, you save on driver salaries, tolls etc.
*Assumed at current fares as of May 2016 in Mumbai city
Why should I use RideMantra?
For the Seekers:
  • RideMantra is on-the-go. No advance planning required, though advanced planning can also be done.
  • It’s anywhere to anywhere. Just enter your origin and destination, select your best ride match, chat and you are ready to go.
  • It saves you money. Fuel, tolls and cab fare - you split the costs with your co-rider and both of you benefit.
  • We have you covered – with our FREE insurance cover. All your RideMantra rides are insured by us for 24 hours from the commencement of your ride, that too for free (if you are fully verified and have completed details of insurance on the profile page). This is a huge benefit compared to any other option you use. For details on how the insurance cover works, please refer to the specific section below.
  • We take you ‘for a ride’ for FREE – in a good way. RideMantra does not charge you any fee at all. No need for pre-funded wallets, or disclosing your credit card details.
For the Providers:
  • Get paid. The car EMI, fuel, tolls, parking, etc. makes owning a car an expensive proposition. RideMantra helps you defray up to estimated 70% of your commuting cost by splitting the bills.
  • Make new friends. Radio has more ads than music and mobile phones are banned while driving. Shifting between gears is the only entertainment we have in our commute. So use RideMantra, engage in intriguing conversations with your buddy and make new friends every day.
  • It’s your choice. You can refuse a ride request if you are not comfortable.
  • Don’t pay us anything. Simply split the ride cost with your co-riders. We are just happy to find you more matches every day.
And for everyone:
  • Sharing is caring. Split your rickshaw and cab fares on your ride to the Train stations or meetings. Or share a car with your fellow users and divide the cost.
  • Traffic buster. More sharing → Less vehicles on the road → Fewer traffic jams → Less fuel → Faster and Cheaper commute
  • Environment friendly. Vehicular emissions are the biggest polluters in the cities. With RideMantra, sharing is actually caring – for the environment, for your co-riders, for the pedestrians, for your family and for the nation.
  • Absolutely safe. Your ride companions are totally verified against their registered public profile, residential addresses and bank accounts. There is no scope of a fraud/untraceable user.
  • Also, you only choose users basis the verification level that they have completed. This is evident from the specific ‘colour’ against their profile so you know who you should ride with
What modes of transport can I use to share my ride?
You can share a ride with your companion in your/his private vehicle (can be a two wheeler or four wheeler), or share a public transport like taxis, cabs or rickshaws.
Is RideMantra restricted to specific cities?
No. RideMantra can be used to commute or travel from anywhere to anywhere as long as someone else is on the same route and time as you. The beauty of our people connect platform is that it matches riders on basis routes independent of whether it is intra-city or inter-city in any country across the world. However, the services are presently being offered in India only.
How does the person-to-person matching on RideMantra work?
RideMantra has created a unique algorithm that differentiates it from other services. It’s unique person-to-person matching feature allows you to connect with the verified riders on the same route and time as you thru a proprietary filter. The advantage for you is that you can automatically choose from the listed options basis the verification levels etc. and then chat with your potential co-rider. What’s more, it’s not restricted to just one match. Basis your selection, more than one co-riders can be matched with you.
Where can I get the RideMantra App?
RideMantra is available on iOS (App Store) as well as Android (Play Store).
How do I Sign Up?
Signing Up is easy. Enter your full name, email address & mobile number. Confirm your mobile number by entering the OTP. This gives you an instant access to the app. For web signups, the login password is in your email. Please do check your SPAM folder if you did not receive the email. RideMantra is currently available only for Indian citizens using the service within the geographical boundaries of India. However, we will soon be available in other countries globally.
How do I Sign In?
Once you’ve signed up with RideMantra, you can sign-in by using either your mobile number or your email address along with your password. If you are signing in for the first time, the password is in your inbox. Again, please do check your SPAM folder if you did not receive the email. Do remember to change the password after the first sign in.
How do I find other rider travelling on similar route?
When a user posts his travel plan, either as a ride seeker or as a ride provider, the plan is recorded in our ride database. Now, when you post your travel plan, the system will record your ride and present you with other similar ride postings. You can choose the most suitable match and request them to share a ride with you. In case do don’t find a match, then other user who might be interested in sharing the ride with you would send you a request. Simply acknowledge the request and you are good to go.
Our unique chat application also allows you to co-ordinate with your fellow co-rider till you reach your destination/complete the ride.
How do I retrieve my lost password?
You can retrieve your password using the email address you signed up with. Additionally, if you have completed the verification process of your email id, you will also receive the password on the mobile number you used while signing up.
Can RideMantra terminate my account? On what grounds?
RideMantra can terminate your account if any actions fall foul of our policies. These include but are not be limited to:
  • False or misleading profiles created while joining
  • Not disclosing any critical data that would endanger the safety of co-riders when becoming a member
  • Driving without valid vehicle documents and/or driving licence.
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or other banned substances.
  • Rash & negligent driving.
  • Inappropriate behaviour with co-riders, especially women.
  • Consistent bad ratings from fellow riders.
What is user verification?
Verification is one of the most distinguishing feature of RideMantra. It ensures that only legitimate and trustworthy users share rides through RideMantra, thereby guaranteeing your safety and security.
RideMantra deploys three levels of verifications. Each level is represented as a Trust Circle, which you can see next to a user’s name. Trust Circles indicate the level of verification that a particular user has undergone.
  • Mandatory First Trust Circle indicates that the user has verified his mobile number.
  • Second Trust Circle indicates that the user has also verified either his address or his bank account details.
  • Third Trust Circle indicates that the user has verified both his address as well as his back account details.
Verification ensures that, in case required, every user is completely traceable.
Additionally, the users who are employees of our partner corporates can easily verify their profile using their corporate email addresses and get full verification advantages. Also, any user with all three levels verified can extend the total verification benefits to three of his family members.
You can always see a user’s Trust Circles and ratings next to their names, and make an educated call about sharing your ride with them. Isn’t that amazing (and safe)?
What are the advantages of completing all levels of verification?
Completing each of the three levels of verification on RideMantra makes you more and more trusted user. As a completely verified user, you find more potential matches for your rides. Your ride requests are more likely to be accepted over other user’s requests. Moreover, being a fully trusted user, all your RideMantra rides are covered under a Group Accident Policy Insurance policy for up to Rs. 5, 00,000, and that too, for FREE. *
How do I complete my verification?
This is how you complete your verifications:
  • Mobile number: During Sign Up, a One Time Password (OTP) is sent to your mobile, which you have to type in the app/website.
  • Address: A verification code is mailed to you on your address. Use this code to verify your address.
  • Bank Account: RideMantra will credit a small, random amount to your bank account. This amount is your verification code. Once you receive this credit, you have to enter the exact amount in the app/website to confirm your bank account.
  • Corporate email: This is for the employees of RideMantra’s Partner Corporate. A verification code is sent to you on your official email address, which you have to type in the app/website to confirm. This directly completes all three Trust Circles for you.
  • Family Member Verification: A verification code is sent to your family member who has to be a Level three verified user of RideMantra.
(NOTE: All of the above details are kept confidential between you and RideMantra. RideMantra doesn’t use this information other than to make sure that your ride is safe.)
How do you verify your email?
Your email address is automatically verified once you login using your password or choose to change your password when using the App.
Is it mandatory to upload my photo?
Yes. It also helps your co-riders to identify you before you meet and vice versa. After all, you don’t want to share a ride with wrong person. It also helps you identify your co-rider when you meet for the first time.
Can I Sign Up now and verify my details later?
Your mobile number will be verified by default during the sign-up. Other verification steps take about 5 business days from our end to be processed. You simply have to type in the verification codes that we send you. No more effort.
What if I post wrong details for verification by mistake?
In case you make a mistake, please contact the support team immediately in order to complete a smooth sign up and get started with RideMantra!
As an individual user, do I need to complete all verification levels? Why are you asking me to verify bank and address details?
This is an optional feature. Completing all levels would make you eligible for more ride matches and also make you on par with our corporate users. Corporate employees registering with their official email ids are automatically assigned a fully-verified (all 3 circles) status. Hence, we strongly recommend that even as an individual user, you try and complete the entire verification process.
How do I start a ride on RideMantra?
All you need to do is click on ‘Share Ride’, choose the role you are playing (Seeker or Provider), select your from and to locations. You will then be prompted to select the date and time of your ride and the number of people you want to ride with you.
You can also include additional filters like distance ‘from’ and ‘to’ basis your location, the start time difference, minimum verification and rating levels. Lastly, you need to choose the type of vehicle and the maximum number of riders for that ride.
What happens next?
Your request is published by RideMantra and all relevant matches basis your parameters are shown to you. You can choose to broadcast a message to the matches and then select the most appropriate one for you to ride with. You can then chat with your potential co-rider in the App, decide on the details of the ride and accept the ride.
What do I do after accepting a ride?
Post accepting, you can coordinate the specifics of the ride with your co-riders using the chat. We recommend that you finalise details like exact pick-up location & time, landmarks, how to identify each other, splitting of fare/cost etc. on the chat before your ride starts. Please note that the 24-hour period for your complimentary insurance cover would start as soon as you accept the ride on our system irrespective of when the actual ride starts.
Can I cancel a ride once accepted?
Yes. You can abort a ride before it commences but we recommend you avoid using this unless absolutely necessary as it not only affects fellow riders but would also adversely impact your rating.
Can I add more users to the chat once I accept the ride?
No. Once the ride is accepted basis the parameters given by you, you cannot add more users to the chat. The only option for you would be to publish a fresh ride request.
How much do I pay RideMantra?
Nothing. That’s true, you pay absolutely nothing to RideMantra. Free download and sign up, free posting, free ride matching. No hidden charges.
So there are no financial transactions in RideMantra?
There is. The only time you shell out from your pocket is when your ride is completed and you pay the co-rider (in case you are a seeker) as per the amount agreed upon by both the parties at the start of the ride. In case you are sharing a public transport, you simply split the total fare with your co-riders.
RideMantra is not involved in this process. We are happy just finding you a fellow rider.
I understand RideMantra provides an insurance? Do we have to pay for it?
RideMantra has your ride insured for any potential mishap, for FREE. Yes, you heard it right. This accidental insurance cover is extended to the users with three Trust Circles and is valid for 24 hours from the time you join the ride as per system.
The specifics of the insurance cover are as under:
  • The Cover is a Group Personal Accident Policy (GPA) covering Death & Personal Accident Policy
  • Is available for 24 hours after the start of any ride as per Indian Standard Time (IST)
  • User has to be above 18 years of age
  • Should have completed their 3 levels of verification
  • Have completely updated their ‘Profile’ in the relevant section with details like ‘Date of Birth’, ‘Nominee name’, ‘Relationship’ etc.
  • Cover is currently limited to users in India
  • Multiple rides do mean multiple insurance cover. At any given point of time, a user can be eligible for only one insurance cover
  • Two individuals matching rides with each other would not be eligible for cover beyond a maximum of 3 rides a month
  • All policies of the Insurance Co need to be satisfied and all claims would be directly settled by the Insurer
  • The process for claiming the insurance is subject to certain documentation criteria being fulfilled apart from the overall terms & conditions of the Insurance Company, which may change from time to time. Details of the claim procedure can be accessed here
  • The complimentary service is available for a limited period and our discretion. RideMantra can choose to remove the cover at any point of time
  • The 24-hour period starts from when the users join a ride as per the RideMantra platform irrespective on when the actual ride commences. Rides joined and subsequently cancelled would not be eligible for the Insurance cover
How is it safe?
Only users with registered public profiles and phone number are allowed to sign-up on RideMantra. We verify physical address and/or back account details of every user with two or more Trust Circles, and in case of any mishap, we can physically trace them. Additionally, we monitor user ratings to disallow members on the platform.
Still intimidating? Consider the fact that your current local cab, rickshaw ride doesn’t assure you on any of these parameters.
Can users see my contact details?
No. Except your name, all your contact details remain hidden. RideMantra does not share any of your personal information with other users. You can still communicate seamlessly with your co-rider through our integrated chat platform.
Is RideMantra safe for women?
RideMantra is extremely particular about the safety of our female users. Apart from various screening & security measures, RideMantra has a preferred female option wherein a female member can make a preference to only ride with another female member.
Why should I rate my fellow riders?
RideMantra encourages users to rate each other after their ride. This increases trust in our community. Average ratings are visible to all RideMantra users to enable them to choose their company accordingly.
We request that you rate fellow RideMantra users on the basis of experience and not personal opinion.
Can I make friends on RideMantra?
Most definitely! You can view profiles of other riders on similar travel route. We’re taking the boring out of commuting! Trusted co-commuters make for a happy ride.
How do I contact fellow RideMantra members?
RideMantra offers an in-app chat feature to have extended conversations. Though, the messenger is automatically deactivated after the completion/cancellation of the ride. If you want to stay in touch even after the ride, exchange your numbers.
How do I make the most of the chat feature before starting a ride?
Our unique chat application is a great platform for you to decide on a potential co-rider and discusses all the necessary details before starting the ride. We suggest you use the chat to finalise the pick-up location, time, any landmarks, how to identify each other, which route to take, how to split the cost etc. upfront. This will help make your ride easier and would help save time.
A sample of a typical broadcast & chat message is included below:
What is the RideMantra Mumbai Metro Transit service?
Metro is the future of Indian commuting and RideMantra is designed to help integrate multiple commute options and hence give you the best route to go from Point A to Point B. To start with, we have an exclusive tie-up with the Mumbai Metro (MMOPL) where the system would automatically route your ride on RideMantra along with the relevant Metro transit wherever available.
How would this help me?
This is a huge advantage because as a user, you can choose to use RideMantra to reach to or from the Metro stations and then use the world-class Mumbai Metro to ensure a faster and comfortable journey. It would save you time and you also have an integrated interface that includes train timings etc.
What's more, the RideMantra free insurance* is extended to your ride on Mumbai Metro.
Why is it a 'Special' service?
It is special because the transit thru Metro option is only available through any commute planned on RideMantra. The single integrated interface makes commuting easy and also beats any other options currently available. 
How do I use this option?
It's actually quite easy. Just choose your start and end points like any normal RideMantra ride. If your route has the option of using the Mumbai Metro to transit, it would be automatically displayed to you. You can just select the option and start riding.  
Is there any extra fee to use this option?
No. Normal metro fares apply apart from your RideMantra share that you split with your co-rider. In fact, you get the additional benefit of free insurance* along with special offers that MMOPL & RideMantra have from time to time.
*Conditions Apply. Click here for detailed Terms & Conditions
While RideMantra aims to make your ride easy and cost-effective, we also want to make sure you are absolutely safe. And this is how we do that:
  • You have the option to travel with 100% verified profiles. We use a combination of Email, Mobile Number, Address and Bank Details / Referring Family Members for Verification of each user, easily identifiable by coloured Trust Circles
  • Employees of corporate organizataions are registered as fully verified users by validating their employee status periodically
  • Users who do not adhere to the rules post verification are also removed on an ongoing basis
  • Allow you the option to accept or reject a co-rider basis your comfort levels
  • 2-way rating process so everyone can check before choosing a ride partner
  • Fake profiles are automatically eliminated because of the multiple verification checks
  • Free Group Accidental Insurance cover valid for 24-hours on each ride*
  • Special features for women. Option to choose only women co-riders
  • Do provide your genuine details while signing up
  • Do check your co-rider’s profile before joining the ride. If not comfortable, choose an alternate rider.
  • Do carry all your documents when using your own vehicle – valid license, vehicle registration, insurance papers and a valid P.U.C certificate.
  • Be courteous to fellow riders.
  • Don’t be too loud on your phone or over-friendly if your fellow passenger is not comfortable with that. Needless to say, don’t smoke, spit or spoil the vehicle.
  • Do not break the rules. RideMantra is a mobile/web app platform. However, don’t be fiddling or talking on the phone while driving as it endangers yours and co-rider’s safety. Plus, it’s not legal
  • Do not try to make money by offering rides. The idea of RideMantra is to defray your expenses if you are offering your vehicle for others to ride with you. We do not want users to charge beyond the estimated cost of the commute. Remember, RideMantra helps you save on your travel cost and not on that burger you just ate
  • Don’t cancel rides once accepted. Everyone is busy. It’s not fair to opt out last minute because others are depending on you
  • Don’t drive too fast, cut lanes, jump traffic lights etc. You must follow this even if you don’t use RideMantra
  • Don’t change your route. Again, someone has accepted the ride because of the route you have chosen. Unless you mutually agree due to traffic, road work etc, stick to the original route
  • Do not drink and drive. Again, irrespective of whether you use RideMantra or not