ABOUT RideMantra!
Simplifying the WOES in everyday TRAVEL
RideMantra is a free service launched with the aim of easing the woes of everyday commuting. We at RideMantra are a bunch of seasoned professionals with experience in business, sales, technology and marketing. Through our combined endeavour we aim to bring about a change in the way people view the commuting experience.
It all started off when we saw the daily commuting struggles of office-goers in our home city of Mumbai. The over-flowing trains & buses, choked roads, moody cabs and expensive app-based options combined with the sweltering heat actually increased stress and reduced productivity.
We thought we would use the power of technology and smart-phones to make travelling an all-inclusive affair beyond just the cabs and rickshaws. Even vehicle owners could benefit from our platform. And thus, RideMantra was born.
Moreover, apart from home to work commutes, there was a huge segment of commutes that happen for sales calls, business development visits, casual rides, station to home travel etc. which were very poorly served by the existing options available. This is where RIdeMantra comes in.